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We need more role models like this


We need more role models like this

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Modified hodge test #mht #firsttime #pseudomonas #ecoli #antibiotics #resistance #testing #microbiology #nerdy #geek #lovewhatido #madscientist #carbapenems


Modified hodge test #mht #firsttime #pseudomonas #ecoli #antibiotics #resistance #testing #microbiology #nerdy #geek #lovewhatido #madscientist #carbapenems

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Atzaro - Ibiza, Spain

Designed in a striking mix of Mediterranean and Asian styles, Atzaro is one of Ibiza’s best agrotourism hotels. Set in a fragrant orange farm in the heart of the island, the property is surrounded by exquisite gardens and beautifully appointed relaxation areas, inviting guests to unwind and soak up the gorgeous natural surroundings. Inside, the exquisite, individually furnished rooms combine Asian design aesthetics with stunning artworks and artifacts from across the world, but without losing their genuine Ibizencan flavor. The hotel prides itself with a fabulous spa, and a vibrant and sophisticated eating & drinking scene.


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Last Thursday, I spent some time with Yung Lean, the 17-year-old rapper from Stockholm, for this story. When we first met, he was about to play an in-store show at VFILES, and we sat outside on the side of the building next door while he drank a big Arizona iced tea. That’s Yung Lean above, wearing the Ed Hardy hat. After a few minutes, it seemed like he decided that our interview was over for the time being, so he said, “I’m going to go chill over there now,” pointed to a spot on the sidewalk like fifteen feet away, and walked over to it and stood there. I thought, “That’s a funny move.” Anyway, then I walked around for a while because I didn’t want to press him lest he not talk to me later. I talked to some of his fans who’d come to the show, including the three in the photo above, who, from left to right, are 15, 15, and 14, and thought about the LCD Soundsystem song “Losing My Edge,” except he couldn’t possibly have been talking about high school freshmen…

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Pika-Power by jerrynowlin
$11 and available for the next 24 hours at Teefury


Pika-Power by jerrynowlin

$11 and available for the next 24 hours at Teefury

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The Cosmos Bed by Natalia Rumyantseva

A high-tech bed that brings the starry night sky indoors.

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